Make Sure Your Walls and Ceiling Are Durable

Make Sure Your Walls and Ceiling Are Durable

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White Pine Builders offers Sheetrock installation for commercial and residential properties in Sandy, UT. You can count on our team to always use professional-grade materials along with progressive methods to complete your service. Whether you need us to add drywall to your wall or ceiling, you can count on exceptional results.

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3 signs that show you need to remove your Sheetrock

Removing Sheetrock may seem like a pain, especially if it needs to be removed unexpectedly. However, removing Sheetrock when you notice the following signs could save you from future structural damage:

  1. Your wall or ceiling is sagging
  2. Your surface is wet and soggy
  3. Your wall or ceiling has holes in it

Our team will evaluate your surface to determine if a slight repair or complete replacement is necessary.

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